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Richard Fox Won a Dragon Award — I’m His Editor!

Richard Fox writes military sci-fi novels, and I’ve been editing his books for years now, from the beginning of the Ember War series to the new Albion Lost and Iron Dragoon series he’s currently writing. I am so excited to report that Iron Dragoons won the Dragon Award for Military Sci-Fi or Fantasy Novel! Richard…
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Client Spotlight: J. Matthew Saunders

Two of the best parts of being a freelance editor are the number of people I get to work with and the variety of projects they bring to me. I’ve had the pleasure of working with talented writers and amazing human beings. These are people who put a smile on my face each time their…
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Editing a Series: Do We Have to Start with Book 1?

Once in a while, I get hired to edit the second or third book in a series that I’m not familiar with. This happens for lots of reasons. Sometimes the author doesn’t get the first book in the series edited at all and then discovers, post-publication, that they should have, and so they decide to…
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