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Dialogue Tags: Is “said” all you need?

One giveaway that I’m working on a manuscript by a fairly new writer (or with a writer who hasn’t worked with an editor before) is an abundant variety of dialogue tags. Elmore Leonard advises writers¬†to use only “said.” (Don’t know who Elmore Leonard is? Raylan Givens is shaking a finger at you and insisting you…
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Keep your readers reading: Say it succinctly

As writers, we like words, don’t we? We like the way they sound. We like stringing them together in long, elaborate sentences. We work hard to make our words say what we mean. Sometimes, we work too hard. Sometimes, we just need to say what we mean and get out of our own way–and out…
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Dialogue: Let’s Make it Readable

When I’m editing fiction, I always pay close attention to dialogue because it’s tricky. I usually see it go one of two ways: The writer tries to make it too formal. The writer tries to make it too informal. Pretty basic, huh? I’m editing a book right now that falls into the first category. The…
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