Sharon Honeycutt, Editor

You write. I edit. You shine.

Dialogue: Let’s Make it Readable

When I’m editing fiction, I always pay close attention to dialogue because it’s tricky. I usually see it go one of two ways: The writer tries to make it too formal. The writer tries to make it too informal. Pretty basic, huh? I’m editing a book right now that falls into the first category. The…
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If You Write, You Should Read

You might be surprised to know how many times I ask myself, when I’m editing early drafts of books or books written by inexperienced (read “new”) writers, “Does this person read?” And I think you’d be surprised because I’m certain that in most cases, the answer is “Yes, I read. I read a lot!” Writers…
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Share Your Writing Goals with Your Editor

If you’re searching for an editor for the first time, you may think all you need to do is hire someone and send them your book. If you don’t hire an experienced editor, that may be all they ask of you. Please know, that’s not enough. You need to hire an editor who feels like…
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Hiring an Editor: An Investment You Won’t Regret

Have you ever read a best seller that contained a typo or two? Of course you have. We all have. Usually, that’s the extent of it–a missing word, a missing punctuation mark, a misspelling. Something small here or there that doesn’t really interfere with your reading or enjoyment of the story, but something that reminds…
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Editing a Series: Do We Have to Start with Book 1?

Once in a while, I get hired to edit the second or third book in a series that I’m not familiar with. This happens for lots of reasons. Sometimes the author doesn’t get the first book in the series edited at all and then discovers, post-publication, that they should have, and so they decide to…
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