Sharon Honeycutt, Editor

You write. I edit. You shine.

Before You Hire an Editor: A Checklist

As a freelance editor, I’ve read many requests for proposals that say something like, “I’ve done all I can do, so now it’s your turn. Help!” If you’ve reached a similar point and you think you’ve done all you can do, here are some points to consider to ensure you–and your manuscript–are ready to cross…
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The Happy Editor: Why I Like My Job

I enjoy my job, which is a blessing, I know, because I’ve worked jobs in my life that I didn’t enjoy, but I did them because I needed the paycheck. Can you relate? Here are the biggest reasons I enjoy being an editor. Reason #1: Variety I never know, from one week to the next,…
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Meeting Deadlines with Your Editor

Life happens, and yes, it happens in the editing world–fairly often. Family crises, job crises, holidays, writer’s block … they can all get in the way of meeting promised deadlines. Let’s say you were really motivated and writing 1,000 words a day on your manuscript. You’re 40,000 words in and you have 30,000 to go…
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Do you need an editor?

If you’ve ever written anything for public consumption–whether it’s an email or a novel–you’ve probably asked yourself questions like these: Do I need an editor? Should someone else look this over before I hit “send” or “publish”? Am I sure it’s as polished as it should be? If you’ve asked yourself those questions, then the…
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